Monday, 23 November 2009


Once Upon a Tree by Maureen Valfort
If you're looking to while away an afternoon in a slightly more productive way than usual then the V&A's Museum of Childhood promises a 'dark and magical world' at its Wonderland exhibition. With more than 80 artworks including classics like The Ugly Duckling ( the story of my life, although I'm still waiting on that swan part) and Pinocchio, they have it all covered. Whether you prefer a cautionary tale of grisly morals or a little romance in your search for the perfect fairytale ending a touch of childhood reminiscing never did anyone any harm.

The Reflection by Katja Rosenberg
What's more, it's totally free, and seeing as it's right at the end of our road you can always pop round straight after...

Real Boy by Kim Jenkins
26th September - 10th January

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