Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mad Hatters

Linley Sambourne Illustration from Punch: June 22, 1875, p.280  
Nasir Mazhar, Autumn/ Winter 09

Linely Sambourne Illustration from Punch, October 17, 1843, p.155

Nasir Mazhar design, Pictures taken in aid for 'Hats on Anthology', by Stephen Jones, Feb 09
This week I decided to do some thorough research into Linely Sambourne’s illustrations, to see if i could find more relevant designers and creatives.  Thanks to Nasir Mazhar- the hottest hat designer in town at the moment-his work was able to make that link: his designs are a general mix of fashion history (particularly the baroque period) and sci-fi futurism. Take a look for yourself; his designs are truly unique: 


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