Friday, 2 April 2010


Half-dozing on a bus while crossing Namibia, I sat up straight in my seat when I thought I saw a woman in a bright dress with a huge crinoline and several petticoats outside the window. Naah, I thought, I must only be so hooked on the exhibit that I am going nuts, imagining Victorian dresses in the middle of the red sands. Suddenly, the bus turned a corner and stalled on a large square filled with women in huge colourful crinolines and horn hats. I couldn't believe my eyes, but my tour-guide soon told me that these women were part of the Herero, a cattle farming tribe, and their dress was picked up from early Victorian missionaires in the 1850's and the rolled cloth hats symbolises the horn of the cows. I tried to ask if I could take a picture but I couldn't make myself understood and apparently they are a very proud tribe and I didn't want to offend anyone.. thus pictures are from google :)


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