Thursday, 15 April 2010

Is that you, Goofy?

With Sambourne's delicious nature after fashion series of illustrations, he morphs women into animals through what he saw as ridiculous fashionable apparel of the time.  This month Elle Espana takes a leaf out of Linley's book, then reverses it, to morph some of today's most recognisable designers into a few of the most well loved Disney characters.  With all the talk of minimal dressing and a palette of nudes coming our way for the next six months, it comes as a relief that the Disney characters have ignored the Spring/Summer rules for 2010 and just embodied a signature style instead.  Donald Duck perfectly portrays the spirit of the CSM trained Galliano, whilst Goofy is unrecognisable as the first knight of contemporary fashion, Don Lagerfeld.

Images courtesy of Coco Perez.

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