Sunday, 11 April 2010

Long Live McLaren

With the passing of Malcolm McLaren late last week, the first thing that sprung into my mind was the SEX t-shirt he created in the mid 70s with Vivienne Westwood.  Although the Westwood-McLaren partnership was not to last, the now iconic reappropriated use of cowboy illustrations on these early tees would have been right up Linley's street.  With tongue firmly in cheek, it echoes a similar feel to Sambourne's more risque works, not to mention it cemented Westwood's now famous legacy for controversy through historical referencing. 

A thank you from the FHT collective Malcolm, for the creativity and commitment to the cause in establishing the most shocking and influential subculture this country has ever seen.  Today it is not God Save the Queen, but rather Long Live McLaren and the legacy of punk.


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